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Current Project Software Architecture Methodology

This section lists select software modules or applications that I designed and developed myself.


I developed a tool that analyzes a TIBCO repository and creates HTML documentation similar to JavaDocs. The generated documentation describes all adapters, MessageBroker transforms and IntegrationManager processes in a single hyper-linked document, showing how all the components communicate via message subjects. This makes it very easy to understand dependencies between components.

TibDoc also creates message flow diagrams that reverse-engineer the repository to create a "big picture" view of an integration solution:

In this picture, every green box represents a MessageBroker transformation. Each yellow ellipsis represents a subject. This graph was generated automatically from a real TIBCO project repository.



InfoGate allows interactive information retrieval through e-mail. Many of the current portable devices (PDAs, cell phones) do not yet include full Web browsing features, but allow the user to send and receive e-mail. InfoGate provides these users with a convenient, fast, and inexpensive mechanism to retrieve data from the Web in an interactive fashion. To request information, the user sends a specifically formatted e-mail to a specified address. The InfoGate server parses the request, retrieves the requested data and e-mails it to the user. The service is currently free, but a charge model will be based on a completed transaction which results in lower and more predictable charges for the user than services that charge by the amount of time that the user spends on-line.

The core architecture allows the easy addition of new services without any modifications to the InfoGate Engine.

Key Features

• Interactive Web 'browsing' from low bandwidth devices restricted to e-mail communication
• Direct access to requested information without clicking through multiple pages
• Per-transaction charge model vs. time-based charges
• Open architecture allows third parties to add services
• Full featured billing package allows for promotions, free usage, credit card authorization

Functional Architecture

Technologies Used

• Web Services / SOAP
• JavaMail
• Portal Infranet Billing System
• jUnit Test Harness

Current Status

The base InfoGate server has been implemented as a simple Java program. The core dispatcher and two data services (Stock Quotes and Movie Showtimes) have been implemented so far. The authentication / billing function is currently under development and requires access to a Web application server.

The key challenge is (legal) access to well formatted information. Most Internet providers restrict the postprocessing of the information posted on their HTML pages. The legal situation is still unclear at this point.

Setup / Configuration


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