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I continue to write and speak about EAI, Agile Development and Patterns. If you find any of these articles useful, feel free to contact me directly or visit our company web site (www.thoughtworks.com) for more information.
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XML Abuse
Software Development Magazine, Dec 2002

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Agile EAI Methods: Minimizing Risk, Maximizing EAI
LOMA Resource, July 2002

Carriers Should Move On Web Services
National Underwriter Property & Casualty / Risk & Benefits Edition, July 1, 2002
(with Bob Hunter, subscription required to access article)

Service-Oriented Architecture - Stairway to Heaven
Software Development Magazine, May 2002
Web Services Tools and Trends Supplement

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Test-Driven Development in Enterprise Integration Projects
ThoughtWorks Whitepaper, DEC 2002
This paper examines the challenges of automated testing in an asynchronous messaging environment. It offers tools and techniques to help improve quality and productivity by bringing the best practice of test-first development to EAI projects.

Enterprise Integration Patterns
Pattern Languages of Programming (PLoP) Conference 2002

Based on the contents of this paper, I created a Web site dedicated to integration patterns. It contains many additions and corrections: www.enterpriseintegrationpatterns.com.


Enterprise Integration Patterns
This book contains 65 patterns collected from multiple years' experience building integration solutions.

Enterprise Solution Patterns using Microsoft .NET
I co-authored this book for the Microsoft Patterns & Practices group. The content is also available on-line MSDN. It has even been translated into Japanese.

Integration Patterns using Microsoft .NET
This book will be published in June 2004. The content is available for preview on MSDN.




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