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I lead the enterprise integration competency at ThoughtWorks, an application development and systems integration firm. I work with Global 1000 companies to define their enterprise architecture and integration strategies. When I am not on a project or on a sales call, I spend the balance of my time writing articles or developing TIBCO, .Net and Java-based tools and solutions.

Current Interests  [ more ]

I continue to think about how we can develop Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions more efficiently and with higher quality. At this time, I zoomed in to investigate two key aspects, Agile EAI and Enterprise Integration Patterns:

Agile methods have taken the application developer community by storm. I want to see how we can transfer some of the benefits of Agile development (e.g. the ability to absorb changes) to the world of EAI and what kind of tools are required (e.g. test and build tools). For example, see my recent paper on Test-Driven Development in Enterprise Integration projects that Wendy and I wrote for ThoughtWorks.

I spent the last few years collecting Enterprise Integration Patterns from my long list of client projects. The patterns provide reusable constructs that make EAI solution development more repeatable. Since October 2003 the collection is available in book form. The book has been very well received which makes me think that it was worth all the effort.

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Projects  [ more ]

Whenever I have time, I am working on creating tools to automate tedious EAI development tasks. My latest tools are StubGen (a code generator for TIBCO AE) and TibDoc (a documentation generation tool).

When I have a little time I make enhancements to my InfoGate tool -- an e-mail based Web data retrieval tool. I can use it from my cell phone.

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Recent Publications  [ more ]

XML Abuse
Software Development Magazine, Dec 2002

XML is great, but like any good tool it can be abused in at least five different ways. This article discusses some of the most hair-raising XML abuse I have encountered.
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Test-driven Development in Enterprise Integration Projects
ThoughtWorks Whitepaper, DEC 2002
This paper examines the challenges of automated testing in an asynchronous messaging environment. It offers tools and techniques to help improve quality and productivity by bringing the best practice of test-first development to EAI projects.

Service-Oriented Architecture - Stairway to Heaven
Software Development Magazine, May 2002
Web Services Tools and Trends Supplement

Web Services supporters herald the advent of the Service-Oriented Architecture which will solve our EAI-style integration pains. SOAs are an intriguing concept, but it will take a multi-phase evolution until SOAs will establish themselves as the integration architecture of choice.
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