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Current Project Software Architecture Methodology

This section lists select software modules or applications that I designed and developed myself.

Project Application Key features Technologies Scoop
External Agency Server Extract information from external mainframe systems for immediate access by users. Developed screen scraping engine, driven by a configuration language. ANSI C, EHLLAPI libraries, Embedded SQL, Sybase RDBMS, PowerBuilder Software was originally developed for the Franchise Tax Board, CA and has been reused by multiple state agencies.
DocGen Printing Engine Letter generation facility that merges application data into form letters Developed advanced mail merge capability that can insert single fields as well as repeating data items into a Word document. PowerBuilder, Microsoft Word Macros, Sybase RDBMS If you get a nastigram from the FTB, it probably comes from this software.
Infranet ActiveX Controls A set of ActiveX controls to include billing system functionality in a VB application or a browser. A set of modular components makes front-end integration of multiple applications a matter of drag-and-drop plus configuring properties in a visual environment. Visual C++ with ATL, Infranet.  
G/L GUI Extract Replaced a command line tool with a Windows front-end. Users can run and export General Ledger reports from their desktops, using familiar features like Save-as Dialogs. Visual C++ with MFC, Infranet, XML. Frees technical resources from performing repetitive tasks for end users.
CreateAccount Automated test tool for Infranet billing system Reads test data from Excel spreadsheet, creates accounts in the billing system, and stores balance results back in the spreadsheet for user verification. Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel, Infranet, HTML Help Reduces testing cycle by more than an order of magnitude.
WAP Demo Demonstrate use of integrated real-time billing for wireless application. WAP Demo users are charged for access to premium content and can view their balance on-line. UP WAP Simulator, Java Servlets, JRUN, Vitria, Infranet  
Inventory System Web-based system that tracks books, software and hardware. Automatic e-mail reminders on overdue items, image upload. IIS, Microsoft ASP, HTML, Javascript, Microsoft Access The Napster of books - the system supports a distributed ownership model.