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Recent Trips

For the 2000/2001 Season, I got two new boards:

K2 Eldo 169
The Eldo is hard to beat in backcountry powder (see Specs). Long, wide and light, it lets me cut through where most people can't make it. I love riding through trees as well, where the length can be a bit of a problem. I scored last year's model for half price.
Bindings: Clicker SST Pro Step-in (aluminum)
Burton Custom 160.5
I think the Custom is the best all around freeride board of the season. Turns on a dime, stable at high speeds, still enough float to get through powder. Nice ride. Cool design.
Bindings: K2 Clicker (old & heavy)
I love my Clicker step-in bindings. The new models are light, have virtually no play, and are easy-in and easy-out. Extra damping pads improve the edge-to-edge contact between boots and board. Only downside: the boots are heavier and not as comfortable. I need to get a new pair of boots for next season ($$$).
My First Board - K2 Zeppelin 164
This was my very first board. I bought it in Utah in Winter 97/98. It is a symmetric freestyle board, which I did not figure out until 2 seasons later. Anyway, it served me well on many trips.


The full lineup:
My Burton Custom
My K2 Eldorado
Mindy's Santa Cruz
Susan's cool Burton Trooper