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Yosemite Valley

October 18-19
I had not been to Yosemite in a long time. Peak season being over and great weather made for a quick decision. Plus, some other San Francisco residents had never been... This time of year the waterfalls are almost dry (just enough for a rainbow), but this allowed us to get close to the base. Here the basin on the bottom of Vernal Falls.


Here a shot from the base of Nevada Falls, almost 600 ft tall. When we say "close", we mean "close"... ...very close. Man, the water is still freezing.
The top edge of Nevada falls. From here, it's all downhill. Halfdome seen from Mirror Lake. The top of half dome is almost 5000 ft above the valley floor.
The mandatory postcard shots. Halfdome as seen from Glacier Point. Yosemite Valley. El Capitan on the left, half dome in the center and the Cathedral Rocks on the right.