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New Riverbanks
London's Riverbanks have undergone a dramatic change during the past 5-10 years. From being largely ignored and virtually disconnected from the City's attractions, they were converted into a key cultural center. Key anchors of the Southern banks include the Tate Modern gallery, the design museum, the theater and the London Eye. The new millennium pedestrian bridge connects San Patrick's with the Tate Modern. Other bridges are expanded and modernized. Old dock houses are being converted into shopping malls and loft-style condos. The new riverfront is also very attractive at night.
Tate Modern
The most prominent landmark of the new riverbanks is the Tate Modern -- a decommissioned powerstation converted into one of Europe's premiere galleries for contemporary art. The Millennium Bridge connects St. Patrick's with the Tate Modern. Is was not completed yet. New condo conversion along the riverfront. Traditional brick storage houses are being converted into high-end lofts.

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