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Crissy Field Opening Day
May 6 , 2001
San Francsico , CA
Flight Show
The Crissy Field Opening Day featured a historic flight show to celebrate its past as an air field. The Opening Day celebrated the completion of the 'renovation' of Crissy Field after the Presidio was turned over to the GGNRA. Hard to see, but a guy is standing on top of the wing! Click to magnify. This plane rises vertically until it stalls and falls down.
A massive V-12 aircraft engine ('Liberty Engine') -- most likely from a war plane. A very lightweight biplane braced with wires. Sleek aircraft with radial engine.  
The constant breeze from the Pacific makes makes Crissy Field and the Marina Greens an ideal place for kites. An amazing collection of kites. Art installations, kites and airplanes fill the sky.  
Dragon Dance
A dragon dance group performed -- without the usual Chinese New year crowds. The dragon is able to express emotions like sleepiness, curiosity, aggression.